Tree Felling

Tree Felling Services in Craigavon and Ireland

We provide fast, efficient tree removal services in Craigavon and across Ireland. Beechwood Tree Surgery Ltd are fully licensed and insured, using only modern equipment and methods to safely remove trees.

A site survey is always required, to ascertain the following:

  • The size of the tree and the equipment required to remove it.
  • The length of time it will take to remove the tree, and what disruption it will cause while doing so.
  • A health and safety survey to ensure there is no risk involved while removing the tree.

We will provide an estimate based on these factors, including details such as how long it will take, and when we can carry out the work. Once you are happy with the estimate and agree to have the work done, we will do the rest.

We will arrive at a pre-arranged time and cordon off the area, before beginning work on felling the tree. The tree will be removed safely, and all branches and parts of the tree will be cleared away once the work is done.

If you require tree felling services in Ireland, get in touch today.