Tree Surgery

Tree Surgery Services in Craigavon and across Ireland

Beechwood Tree Surgery are qualified tree surgeons, providing a range of services in Craigavon and Ireland.

All our work is carried out by fully trained and qualified tradesmen, who have a wealth of experience working with all types of trees.

Crown Clearance: The removal of dead, dying and/or diseased branches. Crossing or rubbing branches may also need to be removed to prevent damage to the bark.

Crown Thinning: Reducing the density of the crown without changing the overall shape of the tree. This allows more light through.

Crown Reduction: When a tree grows too large for its location, we can reduce the crown so it better suits its surroundings.

Crown lifting: The removal of lower limbs to create space below the tree.

Incorrect pruning of a tree can lead to damage and decay, so please consult a qualified tree surgeon before having any work carried out.

For more information on our many tree surgery services in Craigavon and across Ireland, contact us today.